sorry for sebby stan spam but i cant help it ive been brainwashed by that handsome lil cutie x__X who the hell is bucky?
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can you please tag your winter soldier stuff with "cap 2" ? i know it's been out for a while but i literally have had NO time to see it and i really don't want to see spoilers.

owww sorry, I tagged the spoliey stuff with “winter soldier spoilers” but ill add cap 2 in the future! dont worry!

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" Be the person H.Y.D.R.A. would see as a threat.
—a thought i had this morning driving to school (via poseysposey)

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Bucky’s face here will forever be the worst thing in the world. He’s looking at Steve and he’s so proud of him but there’s also this look in his eyes that says "he doesn’t need me anymore, why would Captain America ever need Bucky Barnes" and it’s all over his face. But when you pay attention to Bucky in the crowd you can see him looking around and taking it all in, taking in the fact that people finally see Steve the way he has always seen him and I CANT TAKE IT ITS DISGUSTING HOW MUCH HE LOVES STEVE AND HAS ALWAYS APPRECIATED HIM AND NOW THE WORLD LOVES HIM AND HE’S OVERWHELMED BUT HE’S ALSO SO SO HAPPY OH MY GODDDDDD

i enjoy agony.

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"I need to remember.”

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If you tell me that Bucky Barnes is a villain, but then go on and justify Loki’s actions, I will beat you so hard with my shoe you’ll think the Second Coming occurred.

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Jesus take the wheel

Whoa there Jesus

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smack that all on the floor


smack that all on the floor

Doctor Who Tardis Spinning